January 20, 2010

a return to balance? Bacteria and Broomball

I think we are all reevaluating the balance in our lives lately. Especially as we learn about antibiotics and inflammation - both things that of which you want to make sure you have just the right amount. Too little and a bacteria could take over your body and kill you, but not too much and you could set off a series of reactions in which your body would try to kill itself.

Maybe some of it is because we're in the thick of winter, but the snow has become a washed out gray-brown background as it has melted and refrozen several times over. Or maybe because we feel like we should be in the clear; we have learned the name and function of practically every part of the human body and yet it still feels like we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for knowledge and energy.

I think the point is to remember that we're still scraping something. Yesterday I went to a friends house after the exam with a group of wonderful people and we chatted about the exam a little, but mostly we talked about the other things in our lives. It's refreshing to know we can share those parts of ourselves as well. And tonight I went for a solo night time run and then met up with my broomball team to play our first late night game. We lost - but it was amazingly fun. It's basically impossible to feel anything but playful when you're all running around ON ICE in hawaiian shirts waving sticks in the air. Oh yes, there's still hope for balance.

Be Present. Choose Happiness.
-a quote on a friends fridge

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