October 3, 2010

Our Name is Our Virtue

Second truly free weekend. And this time I stayed in town!
The leaves have just started to turn and the air has just begun to crisp - nearly perfect weather for a nearly perfect weekend. It felt so long - which I guess is what happens when you're used to not having any time when you're not at least supposed to be working. Two and a half days felt like heaven. Awesome activities included:

*finishing the exam Friday before noon
*running all life errands in the afternoon (bank? check. groceries? check. laundry? check.)
*dance party extraordinaire
*big saturday brunch at the ranch house as everyone groggily woke up
*frisbee games in the yard for a few hours (playing with no time limit is the best)
*cider festival at Champlain Valley Farms (think: fresh from the farm food, cider tastings, as much apple pie as you can eat, and climbing in orchards for an afternoon)
*sunrise hike (up at 3 am, BEAUTIFUL ORANGE SKY over autumn foliage; asleep by 11 am)
*women's intramural soccer game for second seed in the finals (woke up just in time to bike to the field)
*watching Out of Africa cuddled on a couch with a bunch of wonderful people (who all fell asleep at one point or another during the movie since we had probably averaged about 10 hours for the whole 3 days previously)

a friend mentioned that he only recently started to feel like this has become A Place for him - no longer just where he attends medical school, but a community of people, a collection of special spots, a world full of memories. I second that so completely. Place is so tricky for our generation, but when it fits it feels so good.

now - rested and rejuvenated: onto Renal Physiology!

this is actually after the hike - I like it because it looks like Chris is asleep. (which he probably was)

"listen to the music of the morning people dance and sing;
we're just one big family; and it's our god-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved."
-Jason Mraz, I'm Yours

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