November 1, 2010

halloween medical school style

does this reveal the nerdiness factor? friends and I dressed up as characters from the (nickolodeon) TV series, Avatar the Last Airbender (not the movie, the movie was awful). A bunch more friends and I watched all 3 seasons of this cartoon/anime show all throughout our course on nutrition, metabolism, and the GI system last spring. It felt like such a homecoming to watch more episodes in preparation for our costumes (which we MADE!!!) Check out our pose below -we're earth and water bending (in case, for some crazy reason, that's unclear).

we are missing Adam, who would have been:

next year.
"Azazel: I see you are the surly, temperamental one who instigates, Wolverine. You cannot be the leader, then."
— The Uncanny X-men Issue #432

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