July 9, 2011

2 times 2

so last night was my last night call on pediatrics and it was AWESOME. instead of being in the ER admitting really sick kids all night (which we also did, and which I also really like, actually), we got to be the peds team for a C-section of newborn twins!!!

and then we got to do it again for a C-section for ANOTHER SET OF TWINS!
it was a little crazy for a while with the second set because they were really small and came out a little bit blue and not breathing, but with some quick resuscitation and waiting for their little lungs to kick into gear breathing outside the uterus, they did just fine.

They always say the true test of if you should be a pediatrician or an OB is where your attention is in the delivery room - are you focused on the woman or on the baby?
what if I am a really good multi-tasker and am interested in both?

and here's my fellow med-student and me in the ED after the deliveries, around 3am.
(which explains why we look kinda silly - I have to stop sticking my big chin out in photos)

(**these are obviously not actual pictures of our patients, but newborn babies sorta all look the same anyways, right?
plus more or less vernix (the white stuff) and blood on them)


"med students are JUST like people -
there are some good ones and some bad ones out there"
-my senior resident

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