September 28, 2011

on call pocket

I dumped out my pockets in the middle of my call today to change scrubs and was shocked at all the things that came out.  so I took this picture.

the contents of my pockets today include:

- 1 surgery book
- 2 pagers (trauma pager and my pager)
- glasses
- pen
- stethescope
- watch (bc you can't have it on when you scrub)
- gum (gotta have fresh breath in the OR)
- extra gloves (just in case)
- sutures (to practice in between surgeries)
- spare change (for breakfast, coffee, lunch...)
- splenda (also just in case?)
at some point I also had a coffee mug but I put that down somewhere.

kinda crazy, right?

"may your pockets be heavy, may your heart be light
may good luck pursue you each morning and night"
-an irish blessing

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