February 19, 2012

happiness project update

"rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for"

-Immanuel Kant

things I have pursued that have really made me happy:
1. a hike up a mountain in the snow - and back down gliding on snowshoes!
2. driving out to visit my grandparents for a weekend
3. swimming in an indoor pool
(something about being in a bikini in the winter feels so...freeing!)
4. going out to a nearby cafe to work through some life stuff one list at a time, while sipping chai lattes
5. baking bread not straight from a recipe (cooking makes me so happy***)
6. a long run in the morning on Saturday
(even though it seemed crazy, it was the best way to start the weekend)
7. late night soccer games
(finish at midnight, shower, and try try try to fall asleep)
8. going to bed early
9. waking up on a Sunday and just reading in bed for an hour - so luxurious!
10. getting a new apartment!  (stay tuned for details)
What's making you happy in February?

***to get your creativity juices started - here are some incredible vegetarian recipes for dinner that are easy and use ingredients you probably have on hand.  Get your yummy happy on.

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