January 17, 2013

work I must do

"the best way to predict the future is to create it"
- by one of the doctors at the conference I attended
(I'm going to look up who and correct this soon)

2013 is the year of big decisions and a big transition for me, with the start of residency about half way through the year.  The process of interviewing has been an introspective experience about the doctor I want to become, the service I want to provide, what are the roles I want to emphasize as a physician, and talking with Chris about the best decisions for our life together.

I also had the opportunity this past week to present at a national conference about the medical education of obstetrician-gynecologists.  It was an incredible experience - not just because my presentation was so well received - but also because I was surrounded by people who are really passionate about teaching adults to be phenomenal physicians.  As part of the conference, the participants reflected on the physician they thought they were going to become when they were in medical school and how that compares to their reality.  For me, this was less reflection and more thinking forward about the type of physician I want to become.  In many ways, the writing of a personal statement as part of my application was a laying out of those aspects of the field that are fascinating and compelling to me, but this conference inspired me to be a bit more specific.

Here's the mission statement I've come up with so far.

*To be healer and promoter of health to my patients and in my community

*To be an advocate for women's access to health care and reproductive rights

*To be an educator and mentor, improving how we train the next generation of women's health physicians

*To be a researcher of best practices - determining how to better maintain and restore women's health

I've also been thinking a lot about the environment I train in, and thinking how important it is for me to be surrounded by people who inspire me, who challenge me, and who make me want to be a better doctor and person.

As part of my thinking about how I want to live my life and what's important to include in it, I read about this guy, Scott Dinsmore, and his company, Live Your Legend, on a great blog that I follow.   Check out his Tedtalk about finding your passion and doing the work you love.  It's definitely inspiring.

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