December 23, 2013

the thrill of hope

the thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

this christmas, I feel like I have grasped a new meaning of christmas -

hope in a time of the greatest darkness.

hope for the weary.

as one who has truly joined the ranks of the weary this year, I am feeling more and more touched by the spirit and wonder of christmas.  chris and I are back from hawaii with his family and up in the northeast with my family to celebrate and rejoice for the next week. just this morning, my dad and I picked up antepaste for the coming feasts and the line at our favorite italian market in town was literally out the door.  no worries though, as the ten guys and ladies behind the counter were pros, the guy took my order (of about 10 different things) and got it all just right. ofcourse, while we were waiting, I also got to hear about what was in the stuffed peppers and sample christmas cookies and sopressa that the woman next to me offered straight out of her basket, saying I just must try them.  I love the holidays.  family, joy, hope.  so much hope.

speaking of which, enjoy this beautiful flash mob by berklee students at the MFA in boston:

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  1. Anonymous1/01/2014

    Hi Erica,
    "a new meaning of christmas -

    hope in a time of the greatest darkness."

    I believe that.

    I reach your blog through Atul Gawande's book "better", A Surgeon's Notes on Performance. I was reading the Suggestions for Becoming a Positive Deviant.

    I'm happy that there is another physician who practices medicine and writes.

    Best wishes to you and your career.

    Happy New Year.