April 23, 2014

Wednesday 3 things

1.  A poem we are not using for our wedding (but I love), from the original stage version of the Sound of Music (not in the movie):

Ordinary Couple:
An ordinary couple
Is all we'll ever be,
For all I want of living
Is to keep you close to me,
To laugh and weep together
While time goes on its flight,
To kiss you ev'ry morning
And to kiss you ev'ry night.
We'll meet our daily problems
And rest when day is done,
Our arms around each other
In the fading sun.
An ordinary couple,
Across the years we'll ride,
Our arms around each other
Our family by our side.

2. An article from a recent Atlantic about urban playgrounds designed to let kids take risks and create confidence, The Overprotected Kid

3.  An Anthem for right now: Let it Go, from the movie Frozen
sung by an African children's choir and an 11 year old. Amazing.
also if you haven't seen the movie, go right now. seriously, I'm an intern and I've seen it.

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