November 1, 2014

Flashbacks: November

Happy November!

This watercolor leaf and branch mobile is totally gorgeous! Make your own leaves with watercolor paintings and emboss with Sizzix dies for a realistic look! (3868)
click photo for link

On the first day of every month, I like to reflect back to what I was thinking about/doing last year (and the year before...) this time of year.  November seems like a time for thinking.

Click the links below to zoom to the blog entries from Novembers past...

November 2013: welcoming babies into the world/I love my job

November 2012:  a reproductive ven diagram I created much before getting married
and this poem by Naomi Shihab Rye, that ends with this gem: 

I do and don't love you - 

isn't that happiness?

November 2011: how to live as a nomad (oh I remember this too well)

November 2010: talking to 7th graders about how to be a better doctor (some of their advice?  wait for us to talk, sometimes it takes us longer) & one of my favorite posts about heroes

November 2009: concern about what a public health care plan wouldn't cover

November 2008: another all time favorite, the greasy pancake theory (advice for getting over an  ex-lover)

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