April 2, 2015

Tribe | family style

 It's been a month since I've blogged. Okay, more than a month.  I keep thinking about it and then about a million things come up and I never get to it.  Part of it is that so much has happened, so much has changed, that it's hard to know where to begin.  

But that's the beauty of writing, right? You just start writing - 

For the past month, my new husband (!!) and I have been living in a shared three bedroom apartment with my sister and her husband-to-be (so soon!).  As sister who are super close but have not lived within 300 miles of each other since we were teenagers, it was definitely a leap of faith in many ways to not only move in together but move our husbands in together and start this new chapter of our lives... Together.  

The experience so far can be summed up as "surprisingly awesome".  G (my sister) and I have talked about why it's so great and as an obvious next step, why everyone isn't doing this.  I think the answer to a that we, as a society, used to live with family longer, but have emphasized independence and following of career paths and lost this important role of rooting.  

There are so many things that are just easier about living with family.  For one, there's no passive aggressive anything.  My sister and I have already fought about buying one could fight about, so at this pint l, we just say what we feel and get to the solution.  For two, we like to feed each other.  While this is true also of my (friends who have become family) #tribe, it just feels different when it's my sister.  

We take care of each other really well.  And even though with my  #tribe, I feel like there's no going back, the four of us (G, our husbands, and me) really are in it for the long haul in every possible way.  This makes little things become not suchc a big deal and big deal things become more important to actually work out.  

Plus I get to be around for all sorts of her life events (see below, picking up her wedding dress), and vice versa.    

More thoughts on co-habitating with family soon.  Sooner than last time, at least.  <3epc

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