May 6, 2008

dividing up your passions... productive?

a friend said to me the other day that your passions/interests can be invited into 3 major categories:

1) ideas/issues you like to read about/know about/be able to talk about - but not necessarily be involved in
2) ideas/issues you want to be involved with in some capacity; on weekends, as something with which you complement your main interests; you wouldn't necessarily claim to be an expert at these or have them define you, but you enjoy and are fascinated by them
3) ideas/issues that become your main interest, that you create a career around, that you spend most of your "purpose time" pursuing; that you have to because they fascinate you more than anything else - the things that make you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

I think for me 1) includes post-colonial/diaspora literature, new technology... and 2) includes environmental sustainability, wine, dance... and 3) medicine/health, gender equality, and inter-cultural understanding (in not always a so intellectual-sounding way...)

what are yours? and what helps you decide what to put in each category?

"You massage the Universe's spine when you twirl
through time leaving shadows on the Sun..."
-Saul Williams (from The Dead Emcee Scrolls...)

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