May 23, 2008

farmers markets, organic foods, % of paycheck, oh my!

It's that time again -when the farmers markets start to open up all over the nation with cheap, delicious fruits and veggies, bread and honey, and of course, wine and beer.

Question: What are your priorities? - local? healthy? cheap? organic?

1) organic food costs more, but might be better for you - how to maximize
NYT Strategic Spending Guide (what to buy organic)
Big Business, Organically

2) how to eat local?
Local Harvest inc. family farms, local organic, etc
Food Routes: inc. how to Buy Local or other sustainable options that can be ordered online
The Food Project: local food in Massachusetts

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3) how to make it affordable
compare prices - some things will be cheaper in certain places (like tomatoes at any farmers market in the northeast throughout the whole summer) or worth the extra cost (milk, for example). I think ultimately, each person has to figure out what works for her/him. I'm definitely open to suggestions or stories for this answer.

For more information, check out
The Omnivore's Dilemma - warning: you may never eat corn again.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - one family's experience with trying to eat locally for a whole year

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