May 28, 2010

higher and higher

This week has been wild and is maybe a perfect example of how medical school is crazy:

Monday: neural science exam #3, Pack up my whole house.

Tuesday: leave early from class to drive 4 hours to see the US soccer team play the Czech Republic in a pre-World Cup expo (the US lost, but it was super close until the last 20 minutes, when it looked like they just gave up). We got back at about 4am Wednesday morning to sleep for about 3 hours.

Wednesday: woke up at 7:30, for a full day of class about the visual system and blood supply to the brain, then had a meeting for this community service fellowship I was awarded with another med student this year, then my new roommates and I moved all of our stuff into our new house (just into the basement, the big move is on Monday).

Thursday: class all day about strokes, then I had my final Medical Student Leadership Group then our final team run before the marathon. Then went to see Sex and the City 2 with about fourteen women from my class. We dressed up SITC style - it was amazing.

Friday: I moved more this morning, went to lab to dissect the eyeball and learn about blood flow in the brain, we have our banquet for the marathon team tonight, then I'm going to try to get some work done and some sleep in.

Saturday: My fam comes up for the weekend to watch the marathon, I try to get a little bit of work done.


Monday: move from the basement into the house plus the last few things.

But the weather is beautiful, my friends are amazing (and so helpful with the moving), my family is coming up for the weekend, and we finally started to learn about sex and sleep - so I'm feeling pretty okay despite all this craziness.


"but i feel alive and i feel it in me
up and up i keep on climbing
higher and higher and higher"

-passion pit (little secrets)

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