June 1, 2010

like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible

this weekend was AMAZING for so many reasons -

1. it was three days long
2. the weather was incredible
3. my family came up
4. a whole bunch of my friends/colleagues and I ran the Marathon! (many people for the first time ever)
5. I now live in the most beautiful house with beautiful people and even though we moved the day after running a marathon, friends came and helped for all of it so by the time we were winding down and the fatigue and soreness were setting in - I realized that even with all that, in that moment, it was EXACTLY where I wanted to be .

Whenever I talk to people about running a marathon (and inevitably hear them say that they could never do it and that I'm kinda crazy for doing it) I always say two things:

*unless you have some part of your body that is permanently injured, anyone can do it - you just have to train;
*it changes your idea of impossible - and that carries over into lots of other areas of your life. Once you've over-ridden the impulse to stop, to quit, to give in when you feel your whole body aching, you realize you can do that other times, with other types of pain or frustration or need.

it's pretty incredible.

I also basically did not do any work, so this week will probably not be amazing, as I try to really move into my house and try to catch up on all the work I haven't done yet, but somehow, I feel okay about it right now.

PS: My time was 3:42! but something malfunctioned about my chip...so it's not posted anywhere :( but I have lots of witnesses to my running it!

here are a few good ones about the impossible:

It always seems impossible until its done.
-Nelson Mandela

It's absolutely impossible, but it has possibilities.
-Samuel Goldwyn

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
~Walt Disney

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