July 23, 2010

I may be allergic to yellowstone

We stayed with a friends new mother in law who took us all around moscow and fed us so much delicious food from her garden. We planned on idaho being a brief respite on our drive rest and indeed it was - what we didn't expect was how stunning the idaho landscape is. Think huge plateaus of browns and greens that have been sculpted by the winds so that they look like the skin of a sharpei's face. We climbed up one justr before sunset to see the monument to wild stallions at the top.

So we stayed in missoula last night and although we did arrive late on a weekday night, that town was just super sketch. Not in a dangerous way (parents, please note) but in a way that made us feel like finishing up our beers at charlie b's (a hole in the wall missoula staple, or so we're told) and going back to our (super commercial) camp gound and reading. But we did hike up to the m in the mountain and go on a lovely run by the river this morning, so it wasn't all strange. And we stopped in bozeman for lunch today - THAT is a beautiful montana town - mountains so high in every direction.

So we were persuaded by more than a few friends not to skip yellowstone, even though that was our initial plan. And we're so glad we didn't - while it was super touristy, the geysers were unreal and we actually walked up to old faithful just a few moments before its spectacular eruption. I want to learn about how geysers are formed!

Next up: jackson, WY: grand teton ntl park; moab, UT

"You can't stop us
We're on the road to freedom
You can't stop us
Cause our eyes can see"
- van morrison (tupelo honey)
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  1. daahhh those pictures are so awesome. Glad y'all had a good time with Susan and got to enjoy her garden! I know she loved getting to feed y'all from it :) I've not been to Idaho yet in the summer and really want to see it because I'm sure it's beautiful. Happy trails!