July 24, 2010

Number 43 does not exist (but the grand tetons do rock)

krista is the queen of the woooooorld
after our hike, I decided I just HAD to run in the tetons

almost 10,000 feet and no altitude sickness at all... yeah, baby
krista at amphitheater lake, proud and sweaty
k caught me doing yoga after my run in front of the tetons. so peaceful

Today we went from one of our lowest points of the trip to one of our highest - literally and figuratively.

After waking up in our glorious hostel in jackson (the mangy moose, we definitely recommend it - super adorable and the people were really nice) we drove out to grab food supplies for the next few days and breakfast at "the chuckwagon". It seemed ideal - the grocery store had everything we wanted, we ordered pancakes and eggs and waited at a table at the base of the magnificent tetons. 30 minutes later, I go ask if somehow we were forgotten in the mix. The waitress asks me what our number is - and, glancing at the placard they gave us w a number 43 on it on our table, I say "we're 43". To which she says: 43 doesn't exist. So she replaces our order and long story short, we got our pancakes, enjoyed them (and the view) and headed out to get a campsite for tonight in the tetons.

We get to the first campsite, jenny lake: full. We get to the second campsite, signal mtn: full. We get to the third campsite (which is practically back in yellowstone), lizard creek, to find that the last camp site has JUST been taken. But just as we're starting to think maybe we won't be hiking our 9 mile hike today, a man from wyoming in the suburu next to us steps out to tell us that they just got the last campsite here, but they had already paid for one back at signal mountain that they'd be happy to give to us. We almost hug him. Instead we follow him back to signal mountain where he gives us the campsite and refuses to let us pay for it saying only, "no, ladies, it's a gift. And now you'll remember us westerners as nice people" and smiles as he drives off. Krista and I jump in the air wildly for a few minutes singing " we have a campsite!" Then we set up the tent and get hiking.

The hike we picked was up to amphitheatre lake - a glacial lake that is located just under disappointment peak (which is only called that bc its not THE grand teton, but people think it is; it looked pretty grand to us!). It was un- freaking- believable. After 4 miles of switchbacks with stunning views of the tetons, lined with beautiful lupine flowers, we reached the lake and jumped right in. Freeeeeeezing but so refreshing. We stopped for a quick lunch then hiked up around the lake for a magical view down the valley. Krista and I each sat up on different cliffs collecting our thoughts and figuring out someway to show our deep gratitude for being able to witness such beauty.

Then we headed back to camp, with a slight detour for me to run around for a few miles, for pb&j and a goood sleep!

"Tremble: your whole life is a rehearsal for the moment you are in now"
-judith malina

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