December 2, 2010

delayed childbearing: a serious medical risk??!?

this was the "welcome back from restful break with your family" slide I got this morning:

look at that steep curve drop off right around age 25... and just keep dropping. this week, so far, has been focused on infertility and breast cancer - and many a professor (both male and female) has blamed "delayed child-bearing" as a cause of both. This entire week, in fact, has been one big lecture on all the things you're at increased risk for if you don't have children as soon as possible.

for the record, delayed child-bearing is what basically everyone in medical school will have to do, because WE'RE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL right now, and for most of us, it seems unclear how pregnancy would fit in right now. I don't feel like our professors seem particularly sensitive to this.


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