May 25, 2011

last minute question

My last patient yesterday was a 15 month well child check. Matthew (we'll call him) was a healthy boy with soft brown curls who came in with his mom and maternal grandfather (who told me to call him Grampy with a huge proud smile on his face) and proceeded to run all over the exam room. We slowed him down just long enough for me to examine him and go through my exam with the resident with whom I was working. At the end of the (approximately 45 minute) visit, we're wrapping up our discussion about how Matthew seems very healthy, that he'll have to have some immunizations today, and we'll see him again in 3 months for the 18 month well child check, when his mom says, "I have a quick question for you, actually". "so I just found out I'm pregnant and I have MRSA. What will that do to my baby?"


so after addressing her actual question (we'd probably treat you for MRSA, it's possible your baby would be exposed and would also have to be treated, but this isn't something too concerning), the resident says, "so. how are you feeling about being pregnant? have you figured out OB care?" she pauses and looks at the ceiling and says, "actually, not yet. I'm gonna keep the baby because I couldn't possibly not keep the baby. but I just broke up with the father and haven't thought about prenatal care. maybe you could do it?"

the resident says, "of course. I do OB and since I'm already your primary care doctor, and I'm already your son's primary care doctor, I think that would make it easy." and then he pulls up her chart in the EMR and begins to ask her some screening questions before setting up another appointment for her to come in herself.

oh family med - how all-encompassing you are.

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