May 2, 2011

seduction of location

Q: what kind of location seduction are you ready for right now?

because recently I've become such a nomad in my clerkship rotations - and don't see any end to my nomadic-ness in the near future, I've been starting to think about places I want to live the way I think about relationships. As in, I think about qualities I'd want in a perfect one, what situations in which they shine, what are their major downfalls, when they seduce me most and what they are behind all the sparkle.

For example, having lived in Boston for a few years, I know (and I hear from friends now) that this is Boston's most crushable time of year. by that I don't mean it's easily compacted, but that it's kinda cute.

whereas San Francisco's sexiest time of hear is March - when everything's green, lush, and warmer than the East Coast for a few more months.
and NYC's greatest seduction might be December - leading up to Christmas and New Years when all the trees and buildings twinkle with lights

Vermont's is either January - if you're into snow sports - or late summer/early fall, when the orchards are full of fruit and the flannel is in

What am I looking for in a location?

Am I looking for one that lets me be who I am right now?

or one that pushes me to define who I could be?

One that makes me step to the edge of my comfort zone?

or one that opens its arms and lets me snuggle right in?

is constantly stimulating?

or gives me space to breathe?

Do I want it to be environmentally conscious?

have sweet dance moves?

Be totally sexy?


musically talented?






Do I want it to always make me smile?

or help me look at things from different perspectives?

Does it have to get along with my family?

or help me explore new worlds?
(happy bday nykkkkk)

like the way we are drawn to different types of people depending on what phase we're in in life, I think changing locations stirs up new qualities within us. that's pretty exciting.
I'm kinda liking this nomad adventure.

What are you looking for in a location right now?


"traveling is a brutality. it forces you to trust strangers,
and to lose sight of the comfort of home and friends.
You are constantly off balance.
Nothing is yours except the essential things -
air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky -
all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it"
-Cesare Pavese

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm looking for a place with you guys in it! Even if it is Danbury, CT in November. :)