August 23, 2011

burger party

If you've been reading any of this blog lately,
you may be wondering if I ever leave the hospital, if I ever see anyone who is not wearing the pseudo-smurf outfit that is surgical gear, if I talk about anything besides vital signs and not getting enough sleep, if I ever play outside or have any fun at all.
I find myself sometimes wondering the same thing
which is why I'm glad for nights that remind me how fun it is to be silly
(see below for details)

last Thursday night, I left the hospital around 6,
immediately went on a long hard run
which ended around dusk at the local baseball stadium
where I met a bunch of friends to chill outside, drink some cheap beer (and gatorade),
and play the 5th inning burger game!



the bottom buns line up at the starting line

and they're OFF!
(in front of several thousand people)

throwing on the toppings (do I see bacon?)

a slider finish (oh-hoh): PATTY CAKE WINS!
a post-race burger bump!

with our favorite SP who also happens to be the guy who runs all the games at the stadium, not to mention about eighteen million other things around town.

and then I got sandwiched, I mean burgered...
and for an unrelated fun favorite:

Calvin: (peering under his bed) "Any monsters under my bed tonight"
Voice from under the bed: "Nope, No. Nooo monsters here."
Calvin: There better not be, I'd hate to have to torch one with my flamethrower!"
Hobbes: You have a flamethrower?
Calvin: (whispers) "They lie. I lie"

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh! I saw this game once at a minor league game and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever -- especially the finish when the top bun flops on top of the pile. So cool your friends got to do it! Sounds like the perfect break from the hospital.