October 10, 2011

Home ?

Normally this is not really a photo blog.
But it's been a rough six months of moving around every 7 weeks 
(heyyy third year of medical school) 
that sometimes it feels like I'm always too far from everyone I love
so here's a photo blog reminder (for me, and maybe for all of you?) that my concept of Home has become an incredibly fluid concept that has less to do with location 
and more to do with the people I'm with

(if you click on the photos, they should open bigger in another screen)

"Oh home, let me come home
home is whenever I'm with you
oh home, let me go home
home is when I am me and you are you"
- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

because they are the best - my best friends came to visit me in Maine
and yes, that's the ocean behind us

getting ready to run... at midnight, before we have to wake up at 4am
and I think we still needed to pack.
what is wrong with medical students?

a quick jaunt back to Vermont to run a half-marathon - no big deal

 finally with my fam

summer break!

 PLP Charlie and I reunited and hiked to waterfalls

Burlington Farmer's Market - what a beautiful scene.

 Rachel came to visit me finally!!

Finally in the same place as Krista!
at a country fair no less, how perfect!

 Visiting Grace at her new beautiful apartment (we match)!

Charlie and I demonstrate my favorite camera pose - the screaming eagle atop the summit!
(New Hampshire) 

Is there anything better than a kiss on a mountain?
(New Hampshire) 

We rolled out of the tent to watch the sunrise - 
what adorable sleepy men.
(New Hampshire)

the wind was crazy on the ridge
(New Hampshire)

 but it was beautiful - where else do you see colors like this, I ask you?
(New Hampshire)

which way did we hike?
(New Hampshire) 

(New Hampshire)

there's a few missing, so stay tuned, I might add some more!

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  1. Yay! Love it. And excellent song reference. :)