December 7, 2011

Easy as 123

By the Kaiser Family Foundation, finally an easier explanation of health care reform.  Except it still seems confusing.  Sigh - at least it's a start.  Though I don't know what this is about stopping the huge increase in medicaid/medicare funding to hospitals and doctors - maybe the total amount paid to doctors and hospitals from these programs has increased, but the reimbursement rate has significantly DECREASED per person, and every year congress stalls when trying to decide if they're even going to continue reimbursement.  What a crazy system I've gotten myself into.
Health care reform explained in "Health Reform Hits Main Street."
Confused about how the new health care reform law really works? This short, animated movie -- featuring the "YouToons" -- explains the problems with the current health care system, the changes that are happening now, and the big changes coming in 2014. Written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Narrated by Cokie Roberts, a news commentator for ABC News and NPR and a member of Kaiser's Board of Trustees. Creative production and animation by Free Range Studios

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