November 30, 2011

the pet awesome

so a friend just introduced me to the concept of pet awesomes.
what is a pet awesome, you might ask -
well, it's like the opposite of a pet peeve.  It's something pretty non-significant that makes you pretty happy.
For example, for this friend it was watching guys who clearly work out their upper body in the gym so that each of their six triceps are defined - but can't run to save their lives - try to run and look really, really unathletic (despite their ripped arms).

One reason I like the concept is that it's really easy to come up with pet peeves, but usually just makes you focus on them more and get more and more irritated.

why not focus on pet awesomes and instead, get more appreciative?
(or at least smile more)

some pet awesomes of mine this week include:
*when attendings (the head doctors) take their shoes off under the table during meetings or lectures
*walking in to see one of my patients in the morning when they are deeply asleep and have a really awesome snore going on.  you know the kind that actually sounds like someone sawing wood?
*this older irish man whose medical condition I know nothing about, but as part of his physical therapy, walks laps around our floor using his cane when I'm on night float singing irish folk songs.

what are your pet awesomes?

for more awesome things, check out this blog that another friend recommended to me called 1000 awesome things.  It's pretty spectacular.

"All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy and great things in that which is small"
- Lao-Tzu

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