June 1, 2012

what a weekend (5 year reunion plus)

"in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee
in inches, in miles of laughter and strife?
in five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred-minutes
how do you measure a year in the life?"

just went to my 5th year college reunion and it was a mix of a time-warp and a big warm familiar hug.
definitely a reminder of what an incredible place, amazing people, and such a special time in my life.

here's a crazy view of my weekend timeline.

Thursday Night: cinnamon roll waffles on Night Float
(super easy, just take ready made cinn roll dough, put it in a waffle iron for a few minutes and ta-da! delicious!)

8 am: after signout, head home to catch a few hours of sleep.
... no photo of this horrific looking state :)

11am: alarm goes off!  drive 4 hours to my 5 year reunion!

after we registered, we walked around and saw some art major theses in the studios
I forget what it's like to live in a world with so much creativity (uh oh medicine)

We mostly just caught up with each other and the greater reunion for a few hours that night.  I passed out easily at 10pm, even though my body should be adjusted to a night float schedule.

The next day:

11 am: art thesis shows - I forgot what creativity is spinning around the world

3pm: attend lecture by Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood speak

(even though this is a horrible photo of me, I was so excited to meet her, I have to put it in here!)

4pm: hour and a half nap - much needed!

7pm dinner with my tribe! only a few blocks from where we all lived in college
(I may have given them all scrubs with my favorite quotes scrawled on the back)

9 pm: drinks with my class, reunion of my soccer ladies looking super classy

10pm until 3am: tent party! our friends amazing funk/soul cover band played for hours to our obvious delight (and fatigue - though being on an "awake at night" schedule totally helped)

wake up at 6am to drive back to watch THIS guy finish his first marathon!

1 pm: crawl into bed to catch a few hours of sleep before my next night float shift start

5:30pm walk onto the OB floor, exhausted, annoyed, and altogether spent.
My senior resident looks at me with a surprised look on her face and says,
"What are you doing here? It's labor day weekend - we don't let medical students work on holiday weekends!  Go home"

so without saying another word or waiting a moment for her to change her mind,
I waved and walked right back home.

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