October 16, 2012

Poetry Tuesday: a poem for travels

I have been feeling a need for more poetry in my life.  I'm not sure if that's because this month has brought me to a lot of profound philosophical thoughts, or if its the seasons changing, or my traveling as a nomad again.  But I am going to start, for now, a poem every Tuesday, followed by a question or two that the poem brings up for me.

For my first Poetry Tuesday, I wanted to start with a poem by Pablo Neruda that has resonated with me in my travels lately (though they certainly have not been to uncharted lands).
He has a way.

What stubborn lands have you traveled in lately?  
What questions do you wish you had been asked?



From so often traveling in a region
not charted in books
I grew accustomed to stubborn lands
where nobody ever asked me
whether I like lettuces
or if I prefer mint
like the elephants devour
and from offering no answers
I have a yellow heart

Yellow Heart


De tanto andar una region
que no figuraba en los libros
me acostumbre a las tierras tercas
en que nadie me preguntaba
si me gustaban las lechugas
o si preferia la menta
que devoran los elephantes
y de tanto no responder
tengo el corazon amarillo

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