December 22, 2012

Required Reading for Women 2012

HuffPo posted this article about the editorials of 2012 that should be required reading for women.

Check them all out for yourself! But some of my favorites - from that selection and the ones added in the comments - include:

At the Pinnacle of Hillary Clinton's Career
"Hating Hillary has jumped the shark"

The Mom Stays in the Picture
about how one mom realized that she had to be in pictures no matter how she felt about her body, and was rewarded by readers sending in tons of photos of them with their kids.

Why Millennial Women Do Not Want to Lead
by a 19 year old about why her (our?) generation is
"Ultimately, women equate leadership with perfection in a way that men don't.  Men are generally taught that perfection is not a necessary component of success, that, in fact, they can fail miserably - even commit felonies - and still bounce back to power."

Our Pregnant Week
a super well written story of finding out she is pregnant
"I zoomed home, called some feminists, cried more"

Opting Out of Parenthood
a NYT editorial about not wanting to have children - a follow-up to her blog about the cost of having a child

What else should we add to the list?


"life shrinks or expands in relation to one's courage"
- Ahais Nin

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