June 14, 2013

we've done it! (now we can start)

the past few weeks, it has felt like the manfriend (manfiance now!) and I have a "to-do list" 8,000 items long, and each time we knock one off, we barely have time to pat ourselves on the back before we realize that there are five other things we didn't even realize we had to do.

but I guess that's just how it goes when you graduate from medical school, move to a new city, set up a "real" house with your partner, start a new residency program, get a new car, and get engaged to your best friend, right?

every day we climb into bed completely exhausted, and I haven't even started residency yet! chris has just started orientation but we definitely both have the pre-starting/just starting jitters. it is somewhat familiar, actually, in a start of college sort of way (do I have the right shoes? oh no, what if I didn't have time to get all the books yet? do I know how to get to class? etc) all the stuff you realize that you JUST. FIGURE. OUT.

finally, finally, finally, I feel like our home is pretty set up. it's not all the way there yet (we still have folding chairs - nice folding chairs, but still - as our dining room chairs) but thanks to a trip back to my parents house to rifle through their basement, a couple leaving the city for dubai who sold us their furniture for super cheap, and our amazing but slightly crazy landlord who replaced our broken down fridge (but not freezer?) by carrying the old one out and new one in himself - it's starting to feel like we live here. check out the photos of the new place below.

chris and I are definitely starting to feel settled in. today I found another adorable neighborhood coffee shop, studied in my living room, and went on my first solo run in the city; it was just lovely. I start tomorrow (with an acute cardiac life support class!) and I'm just so excited!!


"what is not done today will not be done tomorrow"
- faust, translated from german by our landlord

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