September 9, 2013

To Eat & To Watch: manipulating the data

I've started a tradition (or habit?) where I watch Ted Talks while I cook, so perhaps this is a new tradition of a post that combines a must-watch TedTalk video and a must-eat recipe.  If you've never heard of TedTalks, I highly suggest you check them out.  It's a database of hundreds (thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of people talking about the most fascinating topics, and the best part is, every one has to be less than 20 minutes, so they are concise and profound without ever getting boring.  Here's one of my new favorites by Hans Rosling explaining (visually and like a sports caster) how our world dynamics are changing.  I may be a little biased because he starts out by talking about how we all assume that The Western World = long lives and small families and The Third World = short lives and big families, and then goes on to debunk it all.  Enjoy!

For more fun visualization of populations, check out this Racial Dot Map, from the Welden Cooper Center for Public Service.

Recipe: Shrimp Avocado Salsa
(adapted from Smitten Kitchen's Mama Canales-Garcia's Shrimp Avocado Salsa)

mama canales-garcia's avocado shrimp salsa
(photo credit: smitten kitchen blog)


-1 lb shrimp - de-vein the shrimp and take the shell taken off.  boil a pot of water, then turn off, throw shrimp in and cover for 5-7 minutes.  ta-da! cooked shrimp!  now chop into small pieces.

-2 avocados - chop into small pieces and put into a large bowl

-1 jalapeno (or less or more depending on your spicy preferences) - chop into small pieces

-3 tomatoes or a whole bunch of little grape/cherry tomatoes - chop into small pieces (you see where I'm going with this, right?)

-2 limes - squeeze all the juice in!  you really can't have too much

-splash of olive oil, a dash of salt, a shake of pepper

combine altogether, serve with cilantro, tortillas and/or good bread.  we ate ours with a decided-ly not mexican bagette and it was delicious.

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