December 3, 2014

flashback | december

As is my tradition, here is a look back at what I was writing about during December's past -
Simple and Pretty ~ mason jar, greenery, cranberries, water, tea light ~ simple Christmas table centerpiece
what were you doing last year?  three years ago?  what or who do you miss about that time?  what are your themes? Apparently my themes for december are working in the emergency department, having fascinating conversations with older people about things that aren't quite what they seem, and reveling in being happy.  Sounds like the holiday season to me.  Enjoy!

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Dec 2013: happy in hawaii, first vacation with my (at that time future, now current) in-laws
Dec 2012 thinking about treating anyone who walks through the door including this woman:
When I would ask, "When did you last feel like yourself?" She would answer, "Blue."  
Dec 2011 sitting with happiness
Dec 2010 considering your internal age; visiting a nursing home for the holidays
Dec 2009 my first day in the  Emergency Department and pondering these words: I will try to help no matter what 

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