June 20, 2010

Lemonade and Soccer Games: First Year Comes to A Close

It's been a wild few weeks as my first year of medical school has wrapped up. A friend and I were talking the few days before our final exam about how we were slightly worried that it would be anti-climactic. It most certainly was not - last Friday felt like a crazy, wonderful blur (certainly not still less than a week ago). The US-Slovenia game was on during our exam, so any time anyone had a break between parts of the exam (we take a practical, where we identify structures in the lab, and also a regular multiple choice exam, where we are on computers) they would be in a room cheering and getting rowdy.

I practically leapt into the arms of one of our professors when I handed in my final exam for the practical. I was in the final group to finish the written exam, so when I got out I was bombarded with people who had already been done (and mayyybe had had a few drinks) for the whole second half of the US-Slovenia game. After jumping around, berating the refs (check out the story and watch the replay here), and saying "hey second year" to each other as many times as possible, we all headed to a watermelon/lemonade social and then to the BEACH!

It was pretty crazy to start the goodbyes, to think about not seeing these people who I see literally all day every day for two months. But then I remembered that I see them all day every day and that two months started to feel pretty short. I was describing it to a non-medical school friend as the feeling I got when I left studying abroad (except that this was a really really really mentally challenging study abroad) - where I thought: "man, I'm going to have to explain this to everyone, how am I ever going to do that?" but was pretty excited to take a break from having to be so "on" all the time.

My sister, her boyfriend, and my dad came up for the weekend so I have had so little time to actually start to ponder all the thoughts and emotions that this year has stirred. I'm hoping that I'll get to do a good bit of that this summer.

For me, summer starts with a preceptorship in Gynecology in a city I love, followed by a roadtrip all over the United States to places I have never seen, before heading to my parents for a few days then back to school!

My (only) to do list for the summer:

- talk to my mother a whole lot
- catch up with friends about things other than medical school
- master the art of driving a standard car
- read a lot of books that are not related to medicine
- play ultimate frisbee, city style
- maybe work on memorizing some drugs & bugs
- wear my cowboy hat in texas
- climb at least 4 mountains in 4 different states
- howl at the moon
- line dance
- dabble in learning how to play a few beatles songs on the guitar


because I'm still a hopeful romantic and my sister and I just watched Julie&Julia:

"you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life

-Paul Child (Julia's husband)

PS: that's us watching the opening game of the world cup at 10 am, at a german bar, skipping neuropharmacology. we were maybe a little too excited both for soccer and for a chance to shake up our routines.

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