November 10, 2012

A New Hope


Some articles that have caught my eye in the news after the election:

*Apparently being against reproductive choices for rape victims makes you un-electable.  Thank goodness.

*A comment from Friedman on why Obama won - and why the Republicans in Congress need a change of heart (and maybe they are, thank you Boehner?)  Best quote:  "Many in the next generation of America know that climate change is real and they want to see something done to mitigate it.  Many in the next generation of America will be of Hispanic origin and insist on humane immigration reform that gives a practical legal pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants...Many in the next generation of America see gays and lesbians in their families, workplaces, and Army barracks and they don't want to deny them marriage rights held by others.  The GOP is at war with too many in the next generation on all these issues."  I would add to this reproductive choice - which was a clearly decisive factor in voting for many women (and men!)

*20 quotes on immigration from politicians including Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), "Obama voters chose dependency over Liberty.  Now establishment R's want citizenship for illegals.  You can't beat Santa Claus with amnesty"  Wow.  I'm not even sure what he means by that, but it does not sound either nice or productive.

*A surprise victory in Minnesota for gay marriage rights - where the campaign manager of Minnnesotans United for All Families (around 1:45am) is thanking everyone and telling them to go get some sleep because the results likely won't be in for a while....and then they get a result.  It was the first time in US history than anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment had been defeated.

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