November 21, 2012

Pelosi Rocks

Nancy Pelosi articulately fields a question from NBC reporter Luke Russet about whether or not she felt like not stepping down to make room for "young leadership" was bad for her party. Congresswoman Pelosi correctly points out 2 things: that men in Congress are never asked to step aside based on their age and that she came to Congress later than she might have if she were a man because she only ran for Congress after her fifth child was about to go off to college.

As one of the most successful Speakers of the House - and the person we really need to thank for promise and hope given by the Affordable Care Act, among many other things - it seems perfectly reasonable for her to continue her incredible career.

"Let's for the moment honor it as a legitimate question, 
although it's quite offensive but you don't realize it, I guess"
- Nancy Pelosi (D-CA, Minority Leader)

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