May 6, 2013

spring cleaning 2013!

Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.” 


yesterday at approximately 1:30 am we returned to our lovely home in Vermont!  While we did immediately drive down to Stowe to meet friends at the end of their long weekend bash in an incredible house down there, we have since had time to revel at home.  With only a few short weeks left in this place that's been my home for four years, with people who have been my home for four years, and with thoughts about designing my next home (stay tuned for more on that soon) I've been thinking about ways to REALLY immerse myself in feeling home - leading me to the question:

what makes you feel home?

(seriously, tell me!)
for me, it's FULLY unpacking and settling things back into their places - it's planning impromptu runs and walks with friends - it's lacing up my running shoes and just going, not having to plan out a route because this is my home - it's making my own coffee just how I like it, instead of hoping I can ask the barista at the closest coffee shop for just the right amount of soy milk without sounding obnoxious - it's curling up with the manfriend in our most comfortable bed and feeling like we are back in our places too.

unpacking and changing to a spring/summer closet!  yay dresses!!

morning coffee ritual at home

 all our shoes are ready for any kind of spring weather in our mud room
(note the bean boots, running shoes and birkenstocks - one can never be too prepared)

plans for the next few weeks in Vermont include:

* hiking the presidential traverse
* canoeing in lake champlain
* visiting the kitchen table restaurant (on our list for a long time along with all the farm animal restaurants including: the black sheep, hen of the wood, the belted cow, the prohibition pig, the bearded frog, the starry night cafe, the bluebird tavern, and of course, to keep them all in one place, the farmhouse
* walking/running in Shelbourne farms
*the burlington farmers market (now outside!)
*hike camel's hump for the last time in a while
* get creamies with buddies from Burlington Bay Cafe
*play paintball in our white coats
* boat cruise on lake champlain
* pack up our whole house!

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