May 2, 2013

the adventures of the travel bugs

"Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you came from, but where you are wanted?"
- Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese


since the last time i wrote, we have been in VT, Boston, Worcester, Saratoga Springs, D.C., northern California, and Lake Tahoe!  We have walked over battle grounds, cooked dinner for my grandparents, been under house arrest in my sister's tiny apartment for almost a full day, ran around several lakes, hiked up several mountains,   signed a lease for a new apartment (!!!), ran on the national mall, got to see so much of both of our tribes, wine tasted, and driven through the night to get to our next destination.  We have spent a total of 3 days at home since getting back from Nepal - most of them scrambling to finish up residency paperwork!

All this with just our little backpacks (i should probably write an ode to my backpack at some point) and each other.  It's made me feel really, really lucky to have such a great travel buddy, and that we have so many people we love that we want to spend time with - who we can finally spend time with!  
Here's a quick instagram recap of more recent travels.  more soon!

xoxo, the travel bugs 

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