February 1, 2011

getting un-stuck

Question: In what situation, relationship, moment are you stuck right now?

the latest of my mom's wisdom: so you know when you see a stick caught in between some rocks in a too-low creek or a tide pool, how the urge is to kick the rocks or kick the stick to free it, but really all it needs to get unstuck is more water, higher tides.

she said that how this metephor translates to real life is that sometimes when you feel stuck, you have to think about what you could pour in excess over the situation to just let it flow. Sometimes this means pouring a huge amount of generosity
, understanding, kindness, or faith towards a situation, another person, or even yourself in order to get "un-stuck".

lately I've been feeling stuck in lots of things and with plenty of people, and definitely with repeating thoughts in my own head of not being ______
enough (fill in the blank with whatever it feels like that moment). and so I'm going to try to pour some understanding and good intentions on myself, this pre-boards situation, and everyone around me who's trying just as hard to be _____ enough.

that's me - stuck in the snow, which is one thing I finally know how to get through.


"be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle"


  1. Love this. :) Your mom is a wise woman, indeed!

  2. I love your mom, and I really really love you.