February 18, 2011

surround yourself with comfort

Question: what makes you feel suuuper comfortable?
Or better, what do you seek out when you need a little (or big) dose of comfort?

Since I'm about to become a medical student nomad and basically live out of my backpack in various apartments around the country for the next (2?) years, I decided I should use my post-boards, pre-nomad time to come up with a few things that I can try to bring with me or create everywhere I go to give myself some semblance of comfort along this journey. Also, sometimes when I have these things written somewhere, in moments of exasperation or almost-meltdown I'm able to glance at this list and take a deep breath and put at least one (but usually more than one) into motion to give me a dose of comfort.

1. my parents
(especially for total breakdowns AND the while-I'm-walking-places phone conversations)

2. my sister
(maybe the only person in the world who can actually say ANYTHING to me and I'll listen)

3. my tribe
(with visits, phone calls, letters, and emails, you rock my whole world)

4. chocolate milk
(the perfect post-workout/anytime snack)

5. spanicopita
(my favorite food - with spinach, eggs, cheese, all wrapped up in phyllo dough, what's not to love?)

6. leather bound journal
(thank you moleskin for making a no line versions. I kinda hate lines - no room for REALLY BIG WORDS and/or doodles)

7. good (escapist?) books
(reading novels that take me faraway places or bring me to new perspectives has become even more important as I get deeper into this medical perspective; I'm always on the lookout for new ones, so hit me up with recommendations!)

8. running shoes
(because it's my favorite way to explore new places, get to know new friends, and zone out with my own thoughts after a crazy, crazy day)

9. yoga podcasts
(this may seem crazy, but because you can do them at any hour, in any weather, wearing anything, having a 90 minute workout that not only makes you sweat, but makes you BREATHE in your backpocket is pretty awesome)

(cause I gotta put it all somewhere so it can come with me, right? this one takes me from work to the gym to a weekend trip and packs up as small as a pair of socks when I'm not using it)

"the dog days are over,
the dog days are gone
can you hear the horses
because here they come"

-florence and the machine

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