March 1, 2012

not yet dead

an actual consult for neurology while I was on the service:

phonecall directly from the operating room (OR):

Surgeon: My patient can't move his hand.  I think he had a stroke.  Do I call you guys for a consult?  Do I call the ED?
Neuro Resident: You call us, that's fine.  What happened?
Surgeon: Well I gave him a brachial plexus block and operated on his hand, but now the surgery's over and he can't move his hand.
Patient: (in the background of the call, really loudly)  I'm fine. I can move my hand!  Just untie me and I'll be fine!
Surgeon: oh.   I guess he's okay.
Neuro Resident: so you don't want that consult then?
Surgeon: yeah, probably not.  (hand up awkwardly)

We laughed so hard (though obviously, really good for the surgeon to call if he thought his patient was having a stroke) - but I just couldn't get Monty Python out of my head:

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