March 6, 2012

travel karma

I've had a bit of a crazy week of traveling - first, to go out to Utah to ski with the manfriend and his family.  But we were delayed due to a maintenance + weather scenario (of course we leave to ski the one weekend there's a snow storm where we live...)  and missed our connecting flight out of NYC.  Fortunately, our airline put us up in this super sweet hotel:

and we took the subway into the lower east side to hang out with these wonderful people:

because it's new york and a city of gazillions of people, of course we ran into more friends from college and ended up staying out until about 4:30 am, taking the subway back to our hotel (which we basically used as a locker for our stuff), grabbed our bags and headed to the airport to catch our flight out to Utah.

I think we may have been the most brightly dressed people in the entirety of new york.  hooray for sweet neon ski gear!  and yay city that doesn't sleep!!

approximately 5.5 hours of peaceful sleep later, we arrived here:

and made some friends (just kidding, that's his niece):

and immediately went to check out the snow!  

we also got to read a lot - some for upcoming rotations and some just for fun.(yes that is two copies of the 5th game of thrones... it's our only vacation.  I promise there's an endocrinology journal just out of the viewing frame)

and there was a whole lot of this perfect powdery white stuff for miles and miles:

and as if it needed to be any more perfect, we ended our ski days just outside our door, right here:

then almost immediately, I took a little trip to Boston to spend some much needed time with my family (pictures coming soon)

and then started my fourth year of medical school as soon as I got back with a month long rotation in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.  More on that later.  Phew.  Back to work.

"Play music for her, fill the house with flowers, have the birds sing, take her to the ocean to see the sunsets, give her everything that can make her happy.  No medicine cures what happiness cannot"
-Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in Love and Other Demons

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