February 18, 2013

i heart vermont

this one above was actually taken from our back-to-back hike the next day.  
we are hiking more lately to build up for an epic hike we are planning*

we decided to take off our yak tracks and RUN down the mountain
slipping, sliding, giggling
and surprising some un-suspecting snow-shoeing teenagers

*this epic hike may or may not involve us heading to the Himalayas for a month right after match 

well done, vermont. well done. 

those are mint chocolate covered malt balls you're seeing right there. yup, you heard correctly.
most. amazing. chocolate. ever.

Happy Valentines Day!
the manfriend surprised me with a snowy hike up to a wooden cabin with wine and chocolate 
followed by a delicious mac n' cheese dinner
what more could a girl ask for? :)

"hello black bird/ hello starling 
winter's over/ be my darling!"
- Josh Ritter

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