February 5, 2013


Last night, my friend Krista and I finally went to a Jivamukti yoga class.  If you've never heard of this kind of yoga, you're not alone. The instructor at our class described it as the "wild child" of yoga - focused on using readings, meditation, chanting, and flow poses to help you let go of your tight grip on yourself.  Apparently there's a theme every month created by the couple who started Jivamukti yoga, and this months theme is SHAKE.  

as in, shake it off and shake it out.  

which actually is pretty much exactly what I need right now.

we chanted, we flowed, and oh man did we shake.  by the end of the class, my body was humming with gentle energy and my mind felt clearer than its felt in a long time.

which brings me to February - usually one of my least favorite months, this year it is the month I've been waiting for because my whole schedule in the hospital calms down, the manfriend and I make some plans - big and small, and my whole crew comes back into town for our last few months in medical school.  So plans for February include:

1. Jivamukti yoga - and letting my inner wild child out
2. Cooking new and delicious things (just cooked delicious Indian food over the weekend, recipe to come soon!) 
3. Rock Climbing (indoors for now, it's WINTER still, people)
4. Increasing my running mileage - goals for now are anywhere between 35-40 miles/week, we'll see how that goes.
5. Making Valentines because even though this month is usually the most gray, making Valentines for my friends and family (and the manfriend) has always been something I love doing.
6. Enjoying being home!

How're you doing? I said & he said we're undefeated in our appreciation of the game. That's against incredible odds, he added.
- Story People

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