February 27, 2013

you are the universe

You are the universe
expressing itself as a human for a little while
- eckhart tolle


I feel a little lost right now
a familiar-exciting-nostalgic-kind of lost that happens at transitions
time is moving so slowly, yet everything is going by so fast

I want to hold tight to everyone around me
but feel a tension in those ties
as if tethered to something less than solid
and it's less comforting, more effort - to hold on 

we started rock climbing regularly this month
completely different puzzles to work through than the rest of life
and my brain still can't work fast enough
to keep up with my quickly fatiguing forearms
but there are some moments when I feel perfectly balanced
or in a seemingly effortless flow

I don't know if it's because I'm so deep in a transition
or just because it's fun, but lately  
it feels good to have my feet so high off the ground


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