March 21, 2013

Flashback Thursday: What I Do

This post is fun to re-read because it reminds me that now I know more what I do
I help women figure out intimate, life changing decisions at their most vulnerable times
I provide information and healing to women and their families
I'm an educator, a scientist, a healer.
It's what I do.


3 years ago: first year of medical school, in the middle of studying biochemical pathways

The other day I was talking to my father, not a doctor, about a case he's working on right now and how it was taking him all over the world to track down all the information he needed, but when I asked him if he was tired or stressed, he said, a little tired, maybe, but no, this is what I do.
What I do.
It's such an interesting concept - this thing, this job or career or role is WHAT I DO - my purpose, my passion, my greatest skill ?
What is it that I do exactly? Help people? Listen? Try to figure out what's wrong?

with Delia, my first roommate and friend in med school
(this is probably my favorite photo of us)

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