March 7, 2013

Getting Ready

Keep Calm And Make A List  - Letterpress Moleskine Pocket Cahier (red)

My To-Do List
(because sometimes these are the most revealing of what's going on in my life right now)

1. re-learn cholesterol synthesis so I can teach a review session this afternoon
2. review applications for the Schweitzer Fellowship this year so I can interview applicants later and decide who gets it!
3. go take passport photos at the post-office for visas etc. (no smiling)
4. drop off/pick up travel medicine prescriptions (cipro- check! diamox- check! diflucan - check!)
5. bake home-made bread to take to grandparents house tomorrow
6. schedule a post-match financial consulting appointment
7. turn in my tutoring forms from the fall to get paid
8. write up the introduction and methods for my paper on teaching medical students sign-out
9. apply for a leadership conference in family planning scheduled for May (the last day to apply is Friday, shoot - I need to get on this)
10. call my parents and catch them up on all my travel plans
11. buy new hiking boots, as after 10 years mine are officially no longer waterproof thanks to a big rip in the seams - and then wear them constantly to test them out before our trip!
12. run 5 miles today to shake out my legs, run 8-10 miles with my buddy Katie tomorrow early morning before traveling to see my grandparents for the day
13. swim/yoga/stretch my sore muscles this weekend
14. check in with my tribe
15. watch this TedTalk on the power of vulnerability
16. pick out an outfit for match day (1 week!!!)
17. write my next narrative medicine story (stay tuned)
18. pick up a used copy of Into Thin Air to read again about the history of Everest.
19. send some papers I've been promising to 3rd years whose research projects I'm trying to help with
20. kiss the manfriend (this makes me smile when its on my to do list)

what's on your to-do list these days?

photo source

and I really like this one:

"two things define you: 
your patience when you have nothing 
and your attitude when you have everything"

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