March 28, 2013

Flashback Thursday: 4 and 5 years ago March

This post was so fun to read because I was reminded about my wonderful Boston community and how relieved I felt to finally feel like I could create that in a world that wasn't college.

It was also really interesting to read my first blog post ever (see below) and think about all the plot twists that have occurred in my life since then.  Moving to Vermont.  Meeting (and falling in love with) a man from California in Vermont.  Deciding to go into Ob-Gyn and fully embracing my passion for women's health.  Climbing mountain after mountain and just wanting to climb more.

Lots of Love to Abby, Dan, Paul and my Boston community today!


4 years ago: in Boston, finally part of a community I love

I have three roommates right now, two of whom are gorgeous, 6 feet plus, athletic, brilliant, very very gay men. When we take the subway together, we play a game we call "is my future husband on this train?" - the idea behind which is a) it's so much fun to blatantly check people out on the train alongside two much more obvious men and b) you never know when or where or how your life will intersect with people, places, ideas that stir your soul and excite your mind and send you soaring in an entirely new direction.

they're pretty cute, huh?
(even when we're making funny faces)

5 years ago: in Boston, adjusting to a new city, life after college, my first job, and a 1.5 hour long commute.  Here is my very first blogpost:

I went out to dinner with a friend the other night and we talked about how she's become disillusioned with dating because she feels like when she meets someone, she already knows the steps they're going to go through, can see it all pan out, and end (much to her disappointment), because so far they've all ended. She explained it as "like watching a movie you've already seen a few times before - after a certain number of times, it's like, 'what's the point?'"
That's life. I told her. Plus all the parts you can't predict or don't expect. The interactions that change the course of your life forever - or for the evening - or at least make you consider a different way. And the reactions that surprise you, shock you, disappoint you even.
I guess I just feel the opposite - I see every interaction as a potential plot twist.
"Man is a romantic at heart and will always put aside dull, peddling reason for the excitement of an enigma...mystery, not logic, is what gives us hope and keeps us believing in a force greater than our own significance" 
- Bryce Courtnay, The Power of One

Abby and me
in our first days of post-college living in Boston
(it's one of my favorite photos ever - it just captures everything)

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