March 4, 2013

Monday Giggles: if all of your friends jumped off a bridge

 link to the original on the xkcd website
the rollover text is: "and it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently 'my friends are foolish and I won't be like them' not 'are my friends okay?'" 

This week has been a crazy few weeks of activity: (can you say "how to cope with uncertainty stress?")

Monday Feb. 25: 
epic snow hike up Sunset Ridge, sled down!

Tuesday Feb 26: 
6 mile run, 
rock climbing gym 

Wednesday Feb 27: 
6 mile run at dusk by myself in the slushy snow (so lovely)

Thursday Feb 28: 
7 mile temp run, 
rock climbing gym - edging up the learning curve!

Friday March 1 : 
5 mile walk (rest? day)

Saturday March 2: 
epic snow hike up Sunset Ridge with my sister and buddies, 
80s dance party until way too late (okay, so 1am just feels really late these days)

Sunday March 3: 
10 mile run,
rock climbing gym - still improving 
(but my arms definitely could tell that I haven't been in days)

Monday March 4: 
early morning wake up for a snow-shoe up Teardrop, 
4 mile run

Tuesday March 5: 
skiing all day (so much snow predicted!)

at some point soon I'll probably need to rest.
but hopefully this will be really helpful with getting ready for the Himalayas!

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